Best Spa In Bali Nusantara Festival

Best Spa In Bali – If you include people who are happy with spa-themed holidays and body treatments, come to Indonesia. Her spa services are touted the best in the world. Please step foot to Mega Mall Batam Center, July 16, 2017. There is Spa Nusantara Festival 2017 that can be enjoyed there. Spa tourism in Indonesia cannot be underestimated.

Just look at the recognition of the world in 2009 and 2012 ago. At that time, the International Wellness Awards awarded The Best Spa Destination in The World to Indonesia. Senses magazine in Europe has also named Bali as The Best Spa Destination in The World in 2009. This result is obtained from the vote of 60,000 readers of the magazine.In 2015 the story is different again. At the World Luxury Spa Awards 2015 at Harbor Grand Hong Kong, Indonesia won 11 best awards in the world.

Best spa in Bali
Best Spa In Bali

From destinations Best spa in Bali to Asia to the world’s best luxury spa destinations, everything is bought by Indonesia. “Why Indonesia? Because Indonesia is considered able to maintain the ancestral cultural heritage combined with the latest research results.

That is why, Kemenpar try to create Spa Nusantara Festival 2017. Packaging event was made very varied. From Exhibition, Great Sales, Best Spa Competition, Spa Manager’s Komletisi and Therapist Spa Competition are all here. “Many spa owners are coming from all over the world. Moreover, this event for the first time held. Through the site in addition to the original price listed by the spa, there also offers interesting discounts

Best spa in Bali is currently advancing, let alone the trend people are increasingly aware of health. This international event will be attended by about 100 exhibitors and more than 1,000 participants. In addition, there will be some speakers from inside and outside the country who will talk about the spa and wellness. This spa is part of our culture, our culture, so we introduce culture as well as our tourism.

For the foreign tourist market, they are happy with the problems of culture like this. Furthermore he said, spa and tourism have a strong relationship and mutual need. Travelers need relaxation after a trip, and spas require tourists to continue to grow into a new industry that is able to support the economy of the community. In this case there is also an autocillin facility.

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